pp. 103-124: Patricia Chiantera-Stutte

Rappresentanza politica e populismo: alcune riflessioni


Populism is among the most controversial and debated contemporary political issues. The definition of populism itself is inherently problematic because of its indeterminacy. Populism seems to be a contemporary phenomena, being strongly dependent from political propaganda and mass communication media. The question concerning the regressive nature of populism can thus be stated within the broader issue of the relation between populism and democracy. In fact, when populism is investigated, it appears necessary to consider its relation with those political forces that place themselves within the political project of representative government, as well as in relation with the theme of democracy itself. In our perspective, in order to define populism it is not sufficient to question its relation with leftist or right wing political parties, or with progressive and reactionary political forces: instead, we deem necessary to trace its inner links with democracy itself, i.e. with that historical political form characterizing, according to Tocqueville, western world from the American revolution onward.

Keywords: Populism – Political representation – Propaganda – Mass – Democracy

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