pp. 47-68: Vittorio Milone

Alcune considerazioni su hacking ed innovazione politica


In this article I try to explore some political and social aspects of the so-called hacker ethics, such as the possibilities of “bottom-up empowerment”: for instance, I identify some hacking practices that distribute and democratize (bio)political control and are thus able to produce potential political innovation. Therefore, in spite of a socio-political context dominated by “proprietary and obscure” corporate oligopolies, we are still able to observe politically innovative hacking practices such as independent online (plat)forms of hacktivism or open source projects for promoting citizen science, making and biohacking, which can also contribute potential (DIY/bio) political tools of control. Departing from the stereotype of “criminals of the information age”, hackers bring thus an important contribution to emphasize contemporary key issues such as the right to access a free flow of information, the openness and transparency of institutional and technological systems, the creative passion for sharing innovation and knowledge through their practices.

Keywords: Hacking – Political innovation – Bottom-up empowerment – Bio-hacking – Makers

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